Kanzlei fuer Arbeitsrecht Schweier
Previous key consulting areas

Previously, advice and consultation has been given to businesses in the following sectors:
  • IT / Software / Data Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Communications, Telecommunications
  • Financial Services
  • Venture Capital
  • Ecological Technology, Medical Technology
The lawyers have been entrusted with the following projects:

Restructuring and Transactions Employment Law in Practice Special Consultancy Services
  • Advice on acquisition of businesses (also of companies that went bankrupt), in particular involving questions on the transfer of businesses
  • Counseling on mergers and spin-offs
  • Changes in operations (shut-down and relocation of businesses and parts thereof) and extensive reduction of staff or mass dismissals including negotiations with the works council on reconciliation of interests and social plan
  • Advice on privatization in the public health sector
  • Dismissals and negotiations on termination of employment (employees and legal representatives)
  • Warning letters
  • Assignment of different jobs
  • Post-contractual competition bans
  • Co-determination rights of the works council
  • Sham self-employment
  • Employee leasing / temporary employment
  • Working time regulations
  • Variable compensation plans
  • Law on commercial agents
  • Due Diligence Reviews followed by advice on drafting agreements (e.g. provisions on transfer of employees in acquisition agreements)
  • Advice on setting up a business in Germany
  • Examination of effects of corporate processes on employment law matters (e.g. effects on a co-determined supervisory board, establishment of general works councils and of a central works council of affiliated companies)
  • Agreements on transfer of staff
  • Secondment of employees to foreign companies