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Certificate of Employment Law Expert requires special knowledge and practical experience

What stands behind the term Certified Employment Law Expert?

Attainment of the title of a Certified Expert requires evidence of special theoretical knowledge and of special practical experience. This knowledge is present when the knowledge substantially exceeds the degree, which is usually acquired during professional education and experience in professional practice. In addition, attainment of the title requires the admission as attorney and practice of law for at least three years during the six years preceding the filing of the application.

How can this special theoretical knowledge be acquired?

The acquisition of the special theoretical knowledge generally requires participation in a special lawyers’ course, which prepares for the attainment of the title and comprises all relevant areas of the area of expertise.

What kind of evidence must be provided for the special practical experience?

Gaining particular experience in employment law in practice requires that the lawyer worked on 100 employment law cases – at least 50% of them judicial or formal legal proceedings – personally and not bound by instructions in the following areas during the three years preceding the filing of the application:

                                   • Individual Employment Law
                                   • Collective Employment Law
                                   • Procedural Law

Who confers the title Certified Expert?

The competent Bar Association confers this title after an examination of the requirements.

Which particular duties are incumbent on the Certified Expert in order to maintain the title?

Pursuant to the Regulations for Certified Experts, the person holding the title of a Certified Expert is obligated to either publish scientifically in the respective field or to join at least one advanced training course for lawyers - either as lecturer or as participant - on an annual basis. The total duration of advanced training must not fall short of ten hours.

Kristina Schweier has been holding the title “Certified Employment Law Expert” since February 1999.