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In-House Seminars

Already for several years, I have been a professional speaker for the targeted qualification in employment law matters (Public Seminars, Specialist Lectures).

Within the range of my services, I assist companies with further qualification in the personnel sector.

In in-house seminars, the lecturer can cater specifically to the relevant practical questions. The benefit of these events is that the content is specifically geared towards the individual needs of the specific company. The questions of the participants are specific, the transfer of practical knowledge is on a high level.

The seminars are aligned to the individual needs after previous discussion. Target groups: Human resources managers, human resources officers and / or executives.

In the past, the following subject areas were dealt with in in-house seminars or have already been planned:

Compact Seminars
To impart comprehensive and concise basic knowledge of employment law matters occurring in companies. Based on the discussion of current court rulings, the seminar can also serve as “refreshing” or “update” on the various subject areas.
Content (outline):
Part 1: Legal framework – Basic principles of employment law
Part 2: Individual employment law: From the job posting to the termination of employment (in particular conclusion of employment contracts, amendment of employment conditions, termination; e.g. proviso of revoking specific parts of remuneration; special requirements for form employment contracts; disciplinary measures)
Part 3: Collective employment law: Collective bargaining agreements; Works Constitution Law (in particular co-determination rights of the works council)

Consolidation Workshops
Deeper insight into specific subareas of the employment law on the basis of the latest labor court rulings including practical case studies
Subject areas:
Termination of employment – Termination agreements: Preparing dismissals and structuring termination agreements taking into account employment and social security law aspects (notice of termination pursuant to § 1a Protection against Dismissal Act, settlement and termination agreements, new legal aspects regarding release from work duties, ...)
Claim for part-time work: Legal framework, current court rulings, business practice
Time-limited employment: Chances and risks, legal framework, current court rulings
The Antidiscrimination Act: Minimum requirements to be transformed into national law based on the relevant European Directives
Employment law und data protection (as of February 2006)

Project Assistance
Individual und practical assistance with „(personnel-)strategic projects“
Assistance to and co-operation with the persons in charge for the project, on site if need be
For the specific project, the employment law topics are compiled, worked up and presented
Discussion and elaboration of milestones and of the relevant problems

Specialized areas of expertise within Employment Law

Upon request, I assist my clients in additional questions related to employment law, e.g. in the search of lecturers for specialized topics, for example:
  • Outplacement services
  • Secondment of employees to foreign countries
  • Foreign employment law (e.g. United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Poland)